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i want to rent food truck from you to start new business ??
sorry...very clear , we rent our truck/driver only to corporation not for the purpose of selling food to the consumers.

i.am not corporation , but i want to rent you for my party ?
yes ...you can . and we will be happy to serve you.

how much do you charge for the rental.
not all the rental equal ...so depend the length of your rental .

can i serve anything from the truck ?
yes , if the foods is passing all the safety inspection according to the law...otherwise , you have to provide us with approved source of the food or you have to give instruction of the menu or we will provide one .

can you demonstrate to us with food truck what  our campaign will look like ??
yes...we are ready to demonstrate to serious inquiry .

do you own the trucks ?
yes we do , rarely when we use third party trucks ( except for multiple large events that required large number of food trucks).

 do you wrap the truck ?
it,s up to you ..you can use your own wrapping company..or we can save you time and money by using our own.

i want to rent from you for nationwide promotional event ?

our truck is licensed , insured and permitted By NYC DOHMH to operated as food truck in all five borough .

One of the perks of  food truck rental is that every state ,city , county required permits or licences for operation even by the mean of giving free items. so these permits are not universal so it is important to ensure you are obtaining permit in the area in which you plan to promote , remember even for a short time. Obtaining these documents on your own can be time-consuming and expensive if it,s possible at all .

what possible can you give to promote my non-food product ?
if you are seriously about using our service.. we will provide you with multiple choice to choose from .

why u charging more than other internet prices for food truck rental ?
certain broker will throw trapping price than farming the work without taking any more responsibility of finishing the job . sorry we cannot lower our standard to compete with anonymous food truck companies that is located 3000 miles from us.

can i rent just the truck without the driver ?
the answer no ...all our trucks will come with drivers.
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